Glossary of Terms


Drainage Report:

A report that examines the changes in drainage that can be expected as a result of site construction and makes recommendations for accommodating those changes.

Geotechnical Report:

A tool that describes subsurface site conditions, design requirements and construction recommendations.

Land Acquisition:

The process of appraising and purchasing land for various infrastructure and construction projects.

Public Involvement:

A means of engaging citizens and stakeholders in the development of a project.  Its focus is on obtaining meaningful public input into the planning and design process.

Signal Design:

A plan that addresses the signaling needed for railway operations and grade crossings.

Soil Borings:

Tests that determine the capability of soil to support proposed improvements like the construction of pavements, track and bridge foundations.

Vibration Mitigation:

The mechanisms and standards for controlling and regulating unwanted or excessive vibration from trains.


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